Create a new project

Go to subzero-starter-kit github repository and click [Use this template] (green) button. Choose the name of your new repository, description and public/private state then click [Create repository from template] button. Check out the step by step guide if you encounter any problems.

After this, clone the newly created repository to your computer.

If you have github cli installed you can do the entire process with one command

gh repo create <your-github-user>/<new-repo-name> --template subzerocloud/subzero-starter-kit

Now switch over to the root of your project (obviously myproject would be the name of the directory where you just cloned your new github repo)

cd myproject

After the files have been created, you can bring up your application (API). In the root folder of application, run the docker-compose command

docker-compose up -d

You should see the following output. (Don't worry about missing variables warnings, this is normal)

Creating network "subzerostarterkit_default" with the default driver
Creating db      ... done
Creating subzero ... done

The Frontend (these are the files from the html directory) will become available at http://localhost:8080/ (you can check it out now and click around)

The API server will become available at the following endpoints:

Try a simple REST request

curl http://localhost:8080/rest/todos?select=id,todo

Open the preinstalled GraphiQL IDE in your browser and try the same request but with GraphQL this time

query {
  todos {
    id todo

You are ready to start working on your application now.