Local Development


All subZero components are packaged as docker images, as such, the first thing to do is to install Docker for you platform.


To aid with the development process, we have build a set of command line tools to help you with various stages of your project.

Install subzero-cli as explained on it's README page

Create a New Project

subzero-cli provides you with a base-project command that lets you create a new project structure:

subzero base-project

? Enter the directory path where you want to create the project .
? Choose the starter kit (Use arrow keys)
  postgrest-starter-kit (REST) 
❯ subzero-starter-kit (REST & GraphQL) 

After the files have been created, you can bring up your application (API). In the root folder of application, run the docker-compose command

docker-compose up -d

The API server will become available at the following endpoints:

Try a simple request

curl http://localhost:8080/rest/todos?select=id,todo

Debug/Development Dashboard

In the root folder of your project run the command

subzero dashboard

You should see a screen like this (From now on, we'll always have this running when iterating on our project) subzero-cli